plot twist

once upon a time, a girl loved a boy.

he always told her how much he loved her, how much he cherished her; that she was the only person he could imagine spending the rest of his life with.
the girl loved him for his words; she had never heard such beauty spoken to her before.
the girl loved him for who he was; she had never met a person more gentle and considerate.

after a brief period of heaven, the boy was taken from the girl.
he went to prison. innocent.
the girl, heartbroken, promised the boy to stay true to him. she wrote to him, every day… for more than two years. she never so much as looked at another; her heart belonged to him.
slowly, she witnessed the once so wonderful person get turned – transformed into a twisted, hostile animal.
she could do nothing to prevent it, although she tried with all her might.
she loved him still.

the day came where the boy was granted freedom.
the girl was beyond happiness to have him back. at first, everything seemed wonderful. they could talk again – and the words said were as meaningful as ever.
after a while, the boy grew more and more quiet.
one day, he told her he was broken inside. that he had faded; had been destroyed beyond repair.
he told her he could not bear the thought of dragging someone else into his miserable life. he told her he would always love her.

the girl, still loving him with all her heart, tried to wrap her mind around not being with him. she accepted her fate, knowing he still loved her.

two weeks later, he had another woman.


9 responses to “plot twist

      • lol sounds good to me 😉
        had to get it out… thought i might be able to sneak it in here… didn’t think the missing ‘fiction’ tag would be that obvious…
        you must have sipped prune juice – it not only improves bowel movements, it seems it improves alertness as well…
        (and p.s.: thank you for yet another smile. you’re good at this!)

      • HAHA! No juice for me tonight! I’d like to think I’m “in tune”, but maybe I’m nuts. I keep forgetting to tell you, check out The Printed Blog — I think you should submit some of your stuff, try and get it published! It’s a magazine out of Chicago that is just starting to take off I guess, but they pair user submitted writing with user submitted photography. You’d have a good shot I think.

      • thank you, will definitely check it out in the morning… (meaning in about 3 hrs) off to bed i go…

      • No problem! Good luck to you. I think I might do a post spreading the word about them — I just happened to stumble on it recently. They’re a fresh, start-up company, and would probably give a lot of people a shot at getting published! (my dream)

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