**for adult readers only**

her skin shone like marble, yet it felt silky-smooth.

his fingers, slick with oil, traced the curve of her spine, leaving glistening waves on the soft canvas of her body. her scent, rich and entrancing, clouded his mind; filled him with warmth and a hint of desperate longing.

his woman.
perfection on satin sheets.

she arched her back, a soft sigh escaping her full, sultry lips. she moved into his caress, eager to feel his hands all over.
he gladly obeyed.
his hands moved down the sides of her torso… to the small of her back… her hips… her thighs. heated skin; bared to his touch.
she moaned.

his lips found the side of her neck, lightly touching delicate skin; teasing, tasting. her moans becoming more demanding, she moved under him…slowly turning… her luscious curves illuminated by the faint light of the single, flickering candle.
his lips found hers.

he looked into the depths of her beautiful eyes… and found himself safe… for the first time in years.
his mind, at ease.
his thoughts, stilled.
saved… by her loving embrace.

time did not exist.
the world around them had no meaning.
all that mattered was … them.
their souls, entwined… embedded in passion’s fiery embrace.


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