I do not sleep with my eyes open.
Sometimes, I wish I could.

Yet another night facing the stars, where it seems sleep is on vacation; getting drunk on a sandy beach or attending an office party, hat askew, sitting on the copier – somewhere far away.
Thoughts are in a chaotic, yet oh-so-familiar swirl and it seems I have no choice but to extract them and bring them to virtual paper.

This word has been on my mind. It echoes through the night, through my head, through my being… leaves me breathless at times – tonight, it leaves me sleepless.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
I often wonder who came up with the idea to “promise” something – I wish the promise was never invented.

We all know it.
A promise is given – and we believe. Believe, that the person who extended it, will do everything in their power to live up to it. Yet, promises rarely work out anymore, almost never grant us the outcome we wish for.
But we still believe in them.

Promises must have meant something once, or they wouldn’t have remained strong, despite the passage of time.
Once upon a time, a promise might have been sacred.
Today, they are mostly empty. meaningless. futile…
And I wonder if it’s tradition’s fault we now extend them so casually.

I still believe in them. I am one of the naive when it comes to honesty.
I believe in the good in people.
And i have the scars to show.

Promises are a mystery to me.
I can only hope they will one day find their way back to the roots…
Or extinguish, never to fail again.


4 responses to “Promises

  1. I really enjoyed this. I love the alternate reality where promises don’t exist. Life would be so much more simple. What I’ve been reflecting on is that even when you don’t promise something, people in their nature want to feel like they can rely on you. It’s almost like the promise doesn’t matter. With or without it, the outcome is the same. Either someone is pleased, or dissapointed. Either you’ve helped or hindered. Ahh life.

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