Of Vultures, Junkies and Tragedies

We are vultures, trapped in upgraded ape costumes.
If you look closely, you might be able to see the zipper.


Whenever there’s something to see, give it a minute – and watch the human vultures move in.
Horrible car accident. Gawkers.
Heart attack in the park. If you’re lucky, there’s one person helping, another calling for an ambulance… the rest: Gawkers.
Are we really so attracted to the sounds and sights, the screams and blood, the yellow and black police tape?
Not only out in the open do we encounter scandals and tragedies – they are everywhere. We don’t have to go far to get our daily dose. On WordPress, it’s the same.

What would you rather read… an article with the headline “Summer Breeze and Cold Drinks” or something like “How to survive falling off the Eiffel Tower – True Story”?
I know what I’d read. Unfortunately.

redandgreencropsmallWhat is it that makes us feed on pain and suffering, on raw emotion?
Does it make us feel more alive?
Does it make us feel better about ourselves?
What is it that makes us read a post written by someone who just got dumped in the worst way possible; read through the pained outpourings of a wounded heart, close the page and think “Thank God my girlfriend/boyfriend’s so dreamy…”?
Would we have even considered reading or watching Romeo and Juliet had they survived in the end? Would Shakespeare have written it without the extra portion of drama?

We’re emotionally incapable.
At least that’s what I think.

We all run on energy. The best way to “get in touch” with large amounts of energy is to produce strong emotions. As things are, it seems we aren’t able to produce enough positive energy on our own to stay in a happy state of mind. So, we go looking for “kicks”. Something – anything – that makes us feel better about ourselves. The greater the kick, the better we feel in the end.

I do not know when we became “Emotional Junkies”, what triggered this sad and wrong facet of human behavior, nor do I really understand why we are so attracted to tragedies.

Maybe one day, we will see there are other ways to gather energy. Freebies, there for the taking, without having to feed off of each other.
Maybe one day, we will learn.

photo credits: distinctionjewelry.com, tattoogathering.com


7 responses to “Of Vultures, Junkies and Tragedies

  1. Interesting thought:

    “We all run on energy. The best way to “get in touch” with large amounts of energy is to produce strong emotions.”

    Did you write that, or read it? Totally a different way of thinking.

  2. Hi i truly hope you don’t mind but i have borrowed your photo of the police tape but given you full credits, i hope this is ok if not please let me know and i will remove it

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