Pay your religious fee… today!

I am not religious.
I am no atheist either.

I am spiritual.
The ‘entities’ I believe in do not matter here, so I will keep them to myself.
What I do believe, is that we were all exhaled by a divine source, no matter which name it bears. Our souls – our sources of energy – are a divine gift. That’s how I see it. We all are sparks of divinity, spread throughout the universe – and I, too, believe that after our deaths, our ‘sparks’ will return to its origin… the source of all being.

The subject of God is always a touchy one – many different beliefs bump into each other when we set the table with bowls full of religion. I try to keep an open mind towards other belief systems, but on this day, I was challenged.

I witnessed a great display of faith today. Of believing in God and religion. It was marvelous in itself, yet, it was tainted… it frayed around the edges. What I am talking about here, is the connection between religion and submission. Quite a few religions demand submission to God – as a gesture of true belief.
This is where my confusion kicks in.

The Bible, for example, says, “So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.” (Genesis 1:27)

Facing religion, if we are mirror images of God, if we all inherited this divine spark, does that mean we have to submit to one another?  Does that mean we have to crawl around on all fours all day and kiss the feet of hundreds of passersby in our city malls, our parks, our pedestrian areas?
It would seem so, wouldn’t it?
If we are all sprung from the same divine source or, in case of the Christian belief, ‘created in God’s image’ we should all submit to one another. It is simple logic.

Frankly, I do not understand why religion, belief and submission are connected.
Belief is something beautiful – religion and submission (in my eyes) are both tainted and corrupt.
I am sure the concepts of religion sprang from beautiful minds… from thankfulness for all the beauty in the world, from gratefulness for our own lives and experiences. How come it got so tainted throughout the decades?

Belief is beautiful.
Faith is beautiful.
Religion could be beautiful, too – if it would go back to the original version, the first idea blossoming in the first brilliant mind.

Why do our knees have to “dust the floor”, why do we have to submit to divine sources to show our appreciation and thankfulness?
Why does mankind let rules and restrictions influence its ways of believing?
Does money in the collection bag really pay for our salvation? And, if so, the more money in the bag, the better our chances to not roast on a spit in “hell”?
Do the right terms and phrases matter, when we address a divine source?
What does “holy” mean? Does it mean “divine”? And if so, if divine equals human, does “holy” really mean “human”?
Why is religion always (ALWAYS) connected to guilt?

Why does religion have to be based on the degradation, the humiliation of Self?

It all does not make sense to me.

Belief is beautiful.
Belief is pure and true.
Remove the “shackles” of submission and our modern ‘concepts’  of religion – and marvel in true belief once again.

I am sure, if we all would reflect on what we truly believe in; if we all would live up to our own beliefs, the world would certainly be a much, much better place.

8 responses to “Pay your religious fee… today!

  1. I am in total agreement with you. In my opinion, religion and God, or The Creator, or whatever label is used, are two different things. Religion was totally made by human beings to control other human beings. I can’t believe God would condone it.

    Any religion that seeks to elevate a ruling group (and to my knowledge, they all do), over another group because of race or sex is at heart a money making\power scam feeding off from fear, ignorance and unexamined tradition.

  2. I’ve had to consider this “kneeling” thing as I am Catholic and some Catholic churches stand or sit, others kneel at different times…. I approach things simply sometimes as all the “talk” makes my head spin. If Jesus were to come into my presence would I stand or sit? No. I would kneel. Consecrated Communion in the Catholic church IS the body, blood, soul, and divinity of Jesus Christ … So I kneel. Do I expect others to believe that, understand such a hard teaching? No. Sometimes when I pray, I kneel. Sometimes I don’t. Depends on my mood.

    I agree … so much hate in this world comes from religious conflicts… But, is that really religion or man’s greed. I think it greed. And history is full of it.

    Fascinating, Miriam. The important thing is to keep questioning. I AM a different Catholic today because of that. There are some Catholics who would say I’m not Catholic because of my views, others would say “I’m too traditional”. 🙂

    • Margaret,
      first of all, thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on this matter. Like I said, it is always a touchy subject – and I truly appreciate your comment.
      My train of thought is… if we weren’t taught from a very young age how to ‘behave’ in church, how to face religion, how to ‘practice’ belief, would we feel the need to show submission? If our minds didn’t know all the ‘rules’, would we still feel the need to kneel?
      I left church because I felt too restricted in my beliefs… felt too much pressure when it came to how I had to do things and why… I just wanted to believe – freely and honestly.

      It is an interesting thought – you may be right, the cause of hate may not be religion, but man’s greed… the problem is, I have seen the connection between greed and religion so many times throughout the years, that every time I think of religion, my stomach turns – and all I see is this pattern. It is sad really.

      I wish we could just believe freely – when it comes to belief, in my eyes, nothing is the ‘right way’ or the ‘wrong way’.
      I guess I will always keep questioning. I found ‘my way’ of believing – and I follow it, happily.
      Again, thank you for your interesting words… they definitely set my thoughts into gear. 🙂
      I wish everyone would think for themselves – like you. You have an amazing view of religion, belief and practising belief. Thank you for sharing it with me.

      • … it is a personal journey for each of us. I wish, like you said, everyone respected it. I remember reading Mere Christianity by C.S.Lewis (Narnia author) and he had some amazing thoughts on some of the questions you raise – I had the same questions)

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