Note on Awards

First of all, I want to thank those who are so thoughtful (and brave) to consider me for an award nomination.

However, I have to admit that – among other things – I don’t like all the ‘rules’ and ‘award ceremonies’ surrounding these trophies… simply being read is worth more to me than the prettiest award.
So if you are so kind to nominate me, I am certain I will not follow the rules of accepting.

Feel free to “nominate at your own risk”!

I am here to write.
That’s all I want to do.


2 responses to “Note on Awards

  1. I feel the same way. It’s nice for people to see your writing and recognize it by commenting or liking it, but you’d still write even if nobody followed your blog. Blogging may be about interacting with the community, but it’s also about the individual writing. Write what you want, write what you feel you need to; once you start writing just to please others, it’s no longer your blog.

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