Copyright – Mankind’s Desire for Limitation


noun /ˈkäpēˌrīt/
copyrights, plural

  1. The exclusive legal right, given to an originator or an assignee to print, publish, perform, film, or record literary, artistic, or musical material, and to authorize others to do the same


I love to read.
Looking through countless blogs a day, I encounter the occasional ‘copyright statement’ and often wonder why it seems to be such a necessity for people to put them up.

Sure, I do understand that some do not want others to just take their ‘property’ and get credit for what didn’t spring from their minds.
But for me, the meaning of ‘copyright’ goes deeper.

We limit ourselves – and with that, we limit others.
If word is good, I say, spread it.
If words can evoke a spark in others, why not pass them around?

Imagine someone solved the biggest riddle there is – someone found the answer to the question ‘Why are we here?’… wouldn’t that be brilliant?
Now, let’s say said person would put a copyright declaration on it and would not permit a single person to spread said answer around.

Mankind would run around dumb and blind, still searching for the answer to the biggest question there is – knowing, it has already been found, but unable to even get close to the answer, because some grumpy old individual with a brilliant mind just said No.
Wouldn’t that be a shame?

Sometimes, I do not understand the rules we make up ourselves and follow so passionately.
Sometimes, we are too limited and greedy to contribute to the greater good, without even realizing it.

How can we deny people enlightenment on purpose, just because we keep a keen eye on what’s supposedly ours?
Maybe our words would trigger something in the guy next door, but he will never get to read them, because we put the copyright stamp on them.

Personal property is a flaw.
Maybe the biggest flaw of mankind.
I wish we would think things through more thoroughly before limiting ourselves in such an incredibly retarded way.

Just my Two Cents.

The definition of ‘copyright’ was taken from Google Online Dictionary.
( I wouldn’t want to be the cause of copyright infringement, would I…)