— By Jeffrey Smith

I am.
I am flesh made stone to stand against your crashing waves.
I am the Guardian – the Last Stand of hope in your world of chaos and destruction.

Years of decay have worn away my sentiment, have hardened my skin, have forced my will to battle among the clouds.
And still, I linger.
Still, I fight.

I am flesh made stone to stand against your crashing waves.

One day, my knees may bend to the force of your wrath and my body may drown in the depths of your cold embrace, but my soul will always be a beacon, shedding light across your stormy sea.

My response to Ermilia’s Picture it & Write Challenge… grab your pen and pay them a visit!

Born from Negativity

How do we expect to feel good, if we moan and bitch all day?
How do we expect to feel light as air, if we carry the Weight of the World on our shoulders?

Positive things don’t happen just because we want them to, because we feel like we ‘deserve’ them – we have to invest  to make them happen.
We have to believe.

Not everything we see or go through on this planet inspires us, makes us dance with joy. The News are filled to bursting with daily horrors, inviting us to burden our minds and lose faith.
The question is: Will we give in and surrender to the sadness; stop fighting and struggling, and just give up? Bow our heads and tell ourselves that everything will always be shitty?
Or will we muster up enough courage to keep looking for sunnier days?

I choose to believe in hope.
I choose to believe in change.
If I believe, I still have a chance to see beauty heading my way.
I refuse to drown in negativity – because nothing good can (and will) be born from its treacherous womb.