It is truly miraculous how pieces fall into place.

I had been spinning for a couple of days – it felt like a maelstrom, slowly building; my thoughts swirling faster and faster, until I could not follow anymore. It wasn’t a bad feeling – just too much to handle; unfamiliar. I did not consciously summon it – I guess sometimes the subconscious mind goes strange ways to lead you to your destination.

Last night, someone yelled “Stop!” into the waters – and I heard him.
Shortly after, I discovered the origin of my wild journey Рin a conversation with someone I had thought to be long gone.

It was time for me to see something Рthe problem was, I kept looking in the wrong direction. It was situated in the past, not the present, nor future. I kept branching out, searching for answers, not knowing the problem was to be found in the roots Рthey had been drinking poisoned water.

I eliminated the problem.
Set it right.

The swirling stopped.
I could see myself again… the mind, clear and focused.

It is truly miraculous how pieces fall into place.
I am free to go back to the roots now… back to familiar territory.