Dear Tweezers,

I am curious to find out why you always feel like disappearing when I need you the most.
I’ve been running around my apartment searching for you for quite a while now – but you seem to have learned to conjure up a magic veil, for I can’t find you anywhere. I am sure if I was real quiet, I could hear you giggling.
So, instead of continuing to wreck my apartment and visiting dark places I have probably never been before, I decided to write you this letter – maybe appealing to your humanity, or better, “metal-ity” will do the trick.
Please, do me the favor and turn up soon. I am sure you won’t like sharing a home with someone who looks like this:


(No, your disappearance won’t trigger a gender transformation, but you get the idea.)
I will be doing the dishes, eagerly awaiting your response.

The Cavewoman To Be

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4 responses to “Dear Tweezers,

  1. this is another endearing glimpse into your vivid imaginative world… a place I call home… i especially love the part about the twizzers giggling as if they were playful mischievous little children

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